Thursday, 8 October 2015

Revealing -

In learning about archetypes one discovers how they gain and lose their power.  How to become empowered, where they are losing their power, why they are losing their power.  This is important and fundamental when discovering the patterns of an archetype pattern.    Our pattern's reveal us to ourselves and others.  How we are seen, how we act, what we can do to modify our lives.

Archetype patterns are impersonal.  Nothing personal about a pattern. Patterns that will always be with us, but they can be altered or modified.  Your archetype patterns are personal to you.  You can engage with them.  Become aware if you are using them from the shadow or light.  Become aware of what they are revealing to you, about you.

Traits can reveal much more about a person than just a character defect or asset.  It can reveal a whole pattern of a specific archetype.  Someone who plays tricks on people, likes to joke around and have fun can be seen by others as a 'fool', or a 'joker'.  These are archetypes showing their colours. Patterns reveal more than just psychological issues.  One must explore and go deeper to find out what is living within.

What have you 'always' done or been like?  This to is one way to find archetype patterns. What does it reveal to you?  Many things in your life add up to who you are.  The truth is often not seen by the person living their lives, but others may see it.  With exploring your archetypes you look at a bigger picture.  It is part of finding your authentic self.  You look deeper than you may have ever looked before.


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